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Allstate’s “Good Hands” Roadside Assistance Program Available to All

In 2010, Allstate Insurance announced a ground-breaking program to offer all United States drivers pay-per-use roadside assistance. Branded “Good Hands” Roadside Assistance is free to join and is available to all drivers, not just current Allstate customers. The service covers any driver, any car and  at any time. If you would like, you can even download a mobile application for your smartphone that is intended to improve service-quality. At a minimum it makes the service call just a touch or two away.

Not Free, but Available to All

Granted, the service isn’t free (there’s just no fee to join the program), but the fact that the Company makes an affordable and single-point-of-contact service available to the masses is impressive. Allstate uses their scale to drive down the cost of roadside assistance from local service providers (to a reasonable and per-negotiated rate) and passes those savings on to all who use their service. By some estimates, more than 35 million drivers are without a roadside assistance program. Obviously, Allstate is hoping that many of these individuals will take advantage of their service and ultimately convert to become Allstate customers.

Allstate’s website claims that most tow services cost $75 (for a tow under 10 miles) while other services are $50 (dead battery service, flat tire, etc.), though there is no guarantee of these prices. Of course if you are in the middle of Death Valley and need a tow you should plan on spending more than $75. Still, the knowledge of an affordable service through one of the nation’s preeminent auto insurance companies is comforting and a great customer-centric value-adding proposition.

Access the Service

Drivers can either call a local Allstate agent or call one of the Company’s many toll-free numbers, including 1-800-ALLSTATE.

Other Allstate Roadside Programs

In addition to the “available-to-all” “Good Hands” Roadside Assistance program, Allstate offers two other standard roadside assistance programs, branded Allstate Motor Club and Allstate Towing and Labor Coverage. Towing and Labor comes standard (nominal fee) with an Allstate auto insurance policy. In contrast, the Allstate Motor Club is a plan-based program that requires an annual fee. There are several plans depending on coverage requirements, which start at just over $50/year. Members also receive discounts and other services.

Check with Your Insurance Agent

If you don’t know whether you have a roadside assistance program through your existing auto insurance policy, check with your insurance agent. Most top auto insurance companies offer these programs as part of their standard coverage or for an extremely reasonable cost (making it likely that you have coverage, unless you opted for a more affordable car insurance policy). Note that you may also have “free” coverage through either a government agency (some State’s run roadside assistance plans) or another consumer product service provider, such as your credit card company. There’s no sense paying for something you already have…

If not, the Allstate Good Hands program is something to keep in mind. It certainly nice to know you have an option as you traverse the nation’s roadways.

Note that no compensation was received related to this article. Additionally, there is no guarantee that Allstate will not alter the terms of this program. Check with Allstate to determine whether facts, circumstances or pricing have changed.

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