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NHTSA Enables Email Sign-up for Recalls

Most people have read in the news about automotive recalls, seen something on television, or come across multiple notices online.  Imagine the shock if you discovered through a random newspaper reading that your vehicle was no longer safe and that the manufacturer had issued a recall notice. Worse, many people ignore the recalls they do hear about and put off making changes until it’s too late and their safety, or the safety of those around them, is already at stake.

Now you can be proactive about your vehicle recalls.

If the manufacturer of your car thinks that your transmission might go flying out of your car soon, or that your gas tank may catch on fire, it’s definitely better to be aware of that sooner rather than later.  No one wants to be responsible for putting their family, friends, or loved ones in danger when they could have easily kept updated with important recall notices.

Of course, in addition to the safety benefits of complying with recall instructions, complying with the recall prevents you from falling out of compliance with your auto insurance policy and makes sure your policy remains as affordable as possible.

NHTSA Initiates Email Service

As a driver, it’s your responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest information about automotive recalls, particularly when it concerns your own vehicle.  Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has made this easier by allowing you to sign up to receive emails about such recall notices.  By visiting the NHTSA website, you can sign up for information about recalls on vehicles, making sure that you know if something has been issued by the manufacturer of your car.  You can also sign up for notices about specific non-automotive parts such as tires or child safety seats.

Select your Automobile

You can even choose to receive notifications about specific make and model years, allowing you to stay in the loop about specific automobiles that you’re interested in.  This can come in handy for car collectors, mechanics, or automotive service centers.  If you operate a business that provides some type of automotive service to consumers, wouldn’t it be great if you were aware of what was going on with your loyal customers, so that you could make sure that they stay safe and don’t shoulder unnecessary risk?  Now that can be a reality.

Other Vehicles

Depending on what you do or which specific vehicles you come into contact with, you may even be interested to know that you can get information about motorcycles, motorcycle helmets and equipment, and even school buses.  No matter what you drive, it’s easier and easier to stay on top of important safety notices so that you don’t put yourself or other drivers in danger by driving an unsafe vehicle after it has been recalled.

Large Number of Recalls

Some of the more recent statistics provided by the NHTSA indicate that they receive about 600 vehicle recalls each year on average.  They receive an additional 45 motorcycle recall notices each year and 35 school bus recalls each year on average.  Furthermore, the NHTSA reports that it gets about 8 child restraint recalls each year and about 20 tire recalls.  It’s important to keep track of all of these, particularly if you have children.  Nothing is more important than the safety of your child, and the ability to stay on top of such notifications could save your child’s life.

The best part is that it’s easy to stay informed.  Simply go to the NHTSA website, enter the information that you’re interested in receiving and your email address, and presto – you’re on the list!  The NHTSA states that they do not give out or sell emails to any parties for any purpose.

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