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Oklahoma’s compulsory auto insurance levels:

Bodily injury per person: $25,000
Bodily injury for all persons: $50,000
Property damage coverage: $25,000

About Oklahoma
Interestingly, Oklahoma is one of the most geographically diverse States in the Union, with ten distinct ecological regions, making it just one of four States in the nation to lay claim to that fact. While not known for its great topographical diversity (its highest point is Black Mesa, reaching approximately 5,000 feet above sea-level), the fact that it is home to such ecological diversity is just one of the many fascinating features of this wonderful region.

In addition to the numerous outdoor activities available to Oklahomans (and tourists), Oklahoma boasts a wide range of cultural, educational and artistic activities as well. From Native American cultural events (for instance powwows) to modern day sporting events, including the recently acquired Oklahoma City Thunder (previously the Seattle Supersonics), Oklahoma is home to a vibrant cultural scene. Take in an OU Sooners football game in the afternoon and go line-dancing in the evening. Whatever your fancy, Oklahoma offers something to tickle it.

While the arid high-plains make farming and ranching difficult, the rest of the State offer much rich and fertile land, which has made Oklahoma a major producer of crops and livestock. Cattle ranching has had a long and storied past in Oklahoma, which is also a major producer of wheat, pork and dairy products. While the arid plains are not necessarily optimal for growing crops or raising livestock, they certainly have offered much in the form of natural gas and oil. Oklahoma is an economic powerhouse when it comes to energy production. Oklahomans produce the second largest amount of natural gas in the United States. In recent year, energy production has fallen as oil production tapered off from highs seen during the 1960’s and 1970’s, but Oklahoma has fought back by diversifying into broader commercial and industrial activities. Aviation, electronics and telecommunications have all seen tremendous growth in the past decades.

As Oklahoma’s economy has grown, so too has its population. Both the growth in commercial activities and in residency has led to a heightened need for improved and expanded infrastructure, including public roadways. Interstates 35, 40 and 44 all intersect in Oklahoma City, forming the principal junction in the State. Oklahoma is home to many other U.S. Routes, including the fabled Route 66. In fact, Oklahoma is home to the largest stretch of navigable Route 66 roadway.

In order to keep this robust infrastructure safe for residents, Oklahoma has established both the Oklahoma Department of Transportation as well as the Oklahoma Insurance Department. The Oklahoma DOT’s mission is to provide “a safe, economical and effective transportation network” for residents and business that operate within the State. In addition to construction projects, infrastructure improvements and roadway maintenance, the Oklahoma DOT provides useful information to the public in regards to expected traffic delays and road conditions.

The Oklahoma Department of Insurance exists to serve the State’s residents. Their goal is to inform consumers about insurance products and to help consumers make wise insurance-related decisions. In addition, they regulate insurance providers operating in Oklahoma and ensure compliance with the State’s insurance-related regulations. They exist to protect you from unfair, deceptive and unjust business practices, so be sure to contact that office if you feel you have been the subject of such practices. They also work to ensure a safe driving environment for all, by enforcing the State’s compulsory vehicle insurance requirements.

By using our online car insurance quote services, you can find an affordable auto insurance policy that meets your needs as well as Oklahoma’s minimum auto insurance requirements.

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